What do my clients say?

“Leslieane’s healing work is beyond what I have experienced as bodywork. Her wisdom-filled hands can reach deeply into the liquid dimension of my existence. I recommend her heart-fully!”
Master Mingtong Gu

“Thank you for doing what medicine couldn’t. Breaking my migraine occipital pain that had been going on for over a week… Your touch of light healing comes from a higher place. Need to do it again. Love to you Angel girl.”
Tracy M.

“Leslieane, thanks so much again for the energy healing work you did over the phone to my son. His muscle spasm/strain started feeling better shortly after the phone call where you had us on speaker and told me what to do! You are such a gift! Thank you!”
Lisa M.

“Beautiful crystal bowl sounds still playfully dancing between my eardrums, a total state of relaxation and focus achieved, and a peaceful rejuvenation that recharges AND awakens ALL senses…THANK YOU Leslieane for yet another spectacular meditation and your intuitive guidance. For anyone seeking the same, she’s a blessing in disguise.”
Shelly M. (Crystal bowl sound meditation participant)

“Leslieane is extraordinary. Can’t say enough. Even before our session, she knew exactly which day I was thinking of rescheduling. Her insight and intuitive sense [are] amazing. Blood work. Check. Energy reading. Even better. I didn’t speak a word and she summed up my thoughts and experiences. No coincidences that she has guided me to so much soulful peace. It’s unbelievable. Things that Leslieane mentioned are just happening. Days later. My rational mind is completely aligned with my intuitive knowing. Very nurturing and she takes so much time and care. Amazing Lady. Such an inspiration.”
Diana R.

“I had the most amazing experience with you last week and I want to thank you. I had fallen into a rut of being the single mom supporting my children with every breath that I take. I thought it was called “being focused,” but actually, it was detrimental to myself which made me not as good as I wanted to be for my children. I would like to thank you for recharging me and putting me back in balance and for helping me to put the important things back in alignment. I had the best “high” I have every experienced leaving your office and you. You are an amazing gift from God, not just for me, but you are here for EVERYBODY!!! Leslieane, YOU ROCK!!!!
Victoria P.

“Hello…Leslieane. I have been doing a little “fall body reset cleaning” of the toxin[s] that gets stored in my body and although it’s not very comfortable all the time it’s amazing how much better my body feels and how much of the stubborn inflammation fat that clears out. Thanks for all the nutritional advice and the spiritual guidance as well.”
Tracy M.

“I’m back in my power!”
Gina E.

“She has changed my life for the good!”
Cheryl B.

“Leslieane, I wanted to tell you I tried the cleanse, it wasn’t that bad. I could immediately notice an energy boost. I love your gentle heart space.”
Rosy R.

“New Year = New experiences, and tonight’s was truly magical. Thank you, Leslieane…for a memorable meditation. Can’t wait for the next one!”
Shelley M.

“Thank you for everything. I feel so much better. And love the remedy. Love you lady!”
Cheryl J.

“Thank you, Leslieane, for the thoughtful and wise session today. My hip and entire leg felt so much better after the session. I could actually feel you, and my higher power, moving energy through my leg. I’m looking forward to planning my food choices as you suggested, and the 12 hour Liver Cleanse! Thanks again.”
Elise K.

Disclaimer:  Leslieane does not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.

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