Pet Wellness Counseling

Return Their Love by Keeping Them Healthy

The bond we have with our pets can be one of the deepest experiences of love in our lives! Gifted by the Universe with innocence, openness, playfulness, compassion, instinctual understanding, patience, and loyalty, animals nurture us in ways no human being can.

Truly, pets are an extension of their owners…so, caring for their health and emotional needs becomes part of our own holistic wellbeing.  

Specialized Pet Nutritional Counseling

Drawing on my expertise in integrative functional holistic nutrition and 20-year experience identifying Ayurvedic doshas to optimize peoples’ mind-body-environment balance, I offer the same benefits – calmness, elemental wellness, and improved quality of life – to my clients’ pets.

In my study with the late Janet Menkin, Founder of the Healing Touch Program™, I learned to apply Chakra energy work to animals. I have been privileged to contribute to the wellbeing of dozens of special pets, including sharing with owners how to supplement their animals’ diet with superfoods. The medicinal properties of many of these superfoods are the key to maximizing your animal’s holistic health.


  • Properly Balanced Nutrition, including education about foods you should avoid giving your pet (and the reason they avoid certain ones naturally!)
  • Boost in your pet’s energy
  • Better digestion
  • Healthier skin/coat
  • Decreased stress and increased calmness

Intuitive Pet Communication – “ANIMAL SPEAKS”

For over 20 years, I have worked with animals, including many that clients bring to my pet-friendly office. My abilities as an intuitive and integrative healer provide me special sensitivity to areas where they may need attention, whether physical or emotional. To me, this unique “conversation” with a pet is a way of giving back to them the same type of love and attention they lavish on their owners every day.©

Call me for an appointment to meet with you and your pet. You BOTH deserve it!

Disclaimer: All recommendations are provided with the understanding that they are not a substitute for required veterinary care to diagnose or treat any type of physical or behavioral disorder. Always consult your veterinarian or other qualified animal health care provider regarding your pet’s medical or behavioral condition(s).

~ Leslieane