Nutritional Counseling


Elemental Integrative Holistic Nutrition for Enlightened Wellness and Healing

I believe that there is a healing potential inside plants which is integral with their evolution. It is part of the human potential to be wise enough to tap into nature this way.
~ Rudolph Steiner, Austrian Philosopher, Teacher, and Scientist

As a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with over two decades of counseling experience, I provide advanced and cutting-edge detoxification and purification nutritional coaching, with the goal of empowering my clients to make lifestyle changes needed for their optimal wellbeing. Over my years in private practice, I have applied my clinical knowledge within a comprehensive, whole-body program to facilitate lasting, life changing transformations.

You and your body are an organic, synergistic, holistic chain. Assist your Body’s own inner intelligence and cellular vitality. Here you will learn an advanced foundation, a cutting edge program for sustainable wellness. Elemental Holistic Integrative Nutrition is geared for our Blu Ray Adults and Children, Indigo Adults and Children, Crystals, Starseeds and Rainbows. You know who you are!

Elemental Integrative Holistic Nutrition coaching facilitates your body’s innate self-healing capacity and stimulates cellular vitality to restore and sustain complete wellness. Cellular integration involves facilitation of nutrient transport across cell membranes to fortify all cells and their genetic material, resulting in greater immunity to illness, increased vitality, and overall better mind and body health.

Elemental Holistic Integrative Nutrition Services:

  • Nutritional Support & Coaching
  • Purification & Detox Recommendations
  • Nutritional Protocol Implementation
  • Preventative Holistic Health Care

Unfortunately, the typical American diet includes massive consumption of processed, chemically laced GMO food, which limits its nutritional value and actually causes obesity, adverse allergic reactions, insulin resistance and ultimately, health deterioration. By incorporating select dietary and cooking practices of more nutritionally sound world cultures, food is still delicious and satisfying, but becomes vastly more beneficial and healing to our bodies.

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Disclaimer: Leslieane does not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.